Physician First

Meridian Physician Solutions is your premier source for physician career counseling. As a physician owned and operated company, Meridian Physician Solutions brings the focus to the physician. We provide a physician centered experience designed to help our physician clients achieve their professional and personal goals.

At Meridian Physician Solutions, we understand that no two physicians are alike and as such we offer a suite of services tailored to your needs.  Our concierge level of services is designed to help our physicians achieve their career and personal goals while helping our physician clients achieve a balance between professional and personal life.

The Physician-Centered Home

Physician care is at the center of our mission at Meridian Physician Solutions.  The Physician-Centered Home is a care delivery model whereby physician services are coordinated through the Meridian Physician Solutions team to ensure our physician clients receive the necessary services when and where they need it, in a manner they can understand.

We understand that physicians deserve innovative options and flexibility designed to allow your career to grow and evolve as you progress through your life.  Our concierge consulting platform mimics a Primary Care Physician approach – through our ongoing dialogue and analysis of your goals, we ensure that the right specialists are brought in at the right time to execute any portion of the strategy to help create your ideal medical business model.  Our team is here to work with you to develop a personalized plan that meets your individual needs.

Physician empowerment seminar

Join us for our live weekend webinar on finding success in your personal lives.
Learn from two physicians who have found happiness in their personal and professional lives.
Hear their story in their own words and learn the secret to their success.

The webinar consists of four one hour sessions:
How to Beat Physician Burnout
Life Management
The Secret to my Success
The Next Steps

You also receive four 30 minute life coaching sessions with Dr. Ali or Dr. Farah to help get you on your way.  In addition, you also get a chance to have an introductory meeting with the man behind my success.  Without him,  I would still be stuck in the burnout machine.